What is an SSL certificate and how does this help protect me when I am online ?

An SSL (Secured Socket Layers) certificate is a method of encrypting information that travels across the internet. There is a “certificate” that is provided by an authorized CA (authorized provider of certificate) that resides on the webserver. This certificate when activated encrypts the page then sends a key out to the remote machine that tells it how to decrypt the page and show whats there, without this key no one is able to see the information traveling back and forth. If the site gives an error upon loading that says it is not “secure” then please contact MULLINSNET COMPUTER SERVICES at 706-512-0138 – DO NOT USE THE WEBSITE !

What do I do if the shipping on my items seems to be excessive ?

First, make sure you have entered the correct zip code, if you have then please DO NOT PLACE the order as you will be charged the price that is shown. You will need to contact the store to get this corrected and have your order entered manually. Shipping is determined by the TOTAL WEIGHT of all the items in your shopping cart and your zip code, which are given to us by FEDEX not The Gravy Store.

What are “shippers” and why would I need them ?

“Shippers” are the cardboard endcaps or display boxes. You should not need these items unless your are a store that resales these items. If you need any of these please contact the store for pricing and availablilty.

How do I place an order if I am “local” to the store ?

For local orders please call the store, most times we can meet you to deliver your order and wont have to charge shipping.

Local is considered to be Rome, Calhoun, Cedartown, Cartersville and surrounding areas. If you have a question please call the store.

How do I contact someone about an issue with the website ?

You can contact Mullinsnet at 706-512-0138. If someone does not answer the phone please leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible. Please make sure that you reference The Gravy Store and leave a name and number where you can be reached